Best Christmas Ads Ever

Best Christmas Ads Ever

Just like films and TV, Christmas ads can help you get into the festive spirit. Every year they appear on our screens and remind us that it’s the most wonderful time of the year once again. We had a look at the best Irish Christmas ads here, but here are some iconic international festive adverts.

Perhaps one of the most well known Christmas ads is Coca-Cola. While the ad has been remade a number of times since, the same song and concept are used. The original version of this ad came in 1995, but the company had long-since made Christmas part of their brand at this stage. “Holidays are Coming” is sung in the background as red trucks with bright lights make their way through the snowy countryside to a town. We see many people preparing for the holidays who turn to watch the trucks.

Yellow pages are a thing of the past for many. They symbolise the days before mobile phones and the internet. This ad was great when it was released in 1992, but has gained a certain charm that we may have forgotten about. “Mistletoe” sees Dean Cooke, a six-year-old actor who can’t reach the lips of a girl. He has the great idea to look for the yellow pages book and uses it for a step up to her. What a wonderfully warm reminder of our childhood and how simple things once were. 

The Snowman has featured in many different adverts over the years, but this one from 2007 for IRN-BRU is one of the best. “Phenomenal Christmas” features a spin on the classic song “Walking in the Air” which ends with the Snowman dropping the boy he once helped fly. This is all because the boy refuses to share his can of IRN-BRU with the Snowman, who steals it from him anyway. It respects the original piece of art while cleverly adding humour too. 

Kellogs Cornflakes Christmas ad is still featured on our TVs today bu it was originally aired in 1990. It sees three kids preparing for Santa to arrive. They set up camp close to their Christmas tree to try to get a glimpse of St. Nick. During the night, the small blonde girl wakes up to find the big man enjoying a bowl of cornflakes. She gets up to him and says “Ho Ho Ho” before he offers her a flake from his bowl. This ad captures the excitement of Christmas Eve every year.

In 2014, Sainsbury’s released a Christmas ad which reenacted a famous story from WW1. It sees German and British men in trenches as the snow falls on Christmas Eve. Both sides begin singing “Silent Night” and join in with each other. The next day, one British man emerges from the trenches with his hands up. At first, the Germans aim at him. However, one German soldier does the same. Before long, both sides are up playing football together. The ad wonderfully captures this scene and reminds of us of the importance of Christmas. 

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