Best Places To Spend The Holidays

Best Places To Spend The Holidays

We looked at the best destinations to spend Christmas in Ireland, but where should those looking to travel further afield go? Here are some of the best places to spend the holidays around the world. 

Closer to home, Bath in England is a surprisingly festive location. It is a place where you can celebrate the birth of Jesus and the birth of Jane Austen with the same enthusiasm. There are plenty of festive and non-festive things to keep you busy in Bath. For example, the city hosts a Christmas Market with more than 170 wooden chalets and an ice skating rink. Theatre Royal hosts a wide variety of productions including musicals, opera, drama and holiday shows alike. 

New York is a classic destination when it comes to Christmas. Whether it’s to reenact your favourite holiday film or do a lot of shopping, going to the Big Apple is a great place to go. You will be kept busy no matter what your idea of fun is. There is an ice rink and a huge decorated tree at the Rockefeller Centre that is sure to get you in the festive spirit. Radio City hosts an annual Christmas Spectacular right across the street. Columbus Circle is a huge market with clothing, gifts, snacks and drinks. It’s at the southwest corner of Central Park and boasts a wonderful selection. 

Barcelona, Spain is another destination that people may not think of when it comes to Christmas. On December 25th, Copa Nadal is held, which is a 200-metre swimming competition across the harbour. This event has a wonderful atmosphere, and you’ll be thankful it’s not you in the water! If you’re looking for a holiday that extends beyond the big day, this city is a wonderful option as Three King’s Day takes place on January 6th. Spectacular parades pass through and believe us when we say, you do not want to miss it. 

Nativity scenes, or presepju, are an important aspect of the holidays in Malta. Residents of the country set up displays of the holy crib for the public to see. Carolers entertain tourists and those living there by singing outside the Baroque St. John’s Co-Cathedral for the duration of Advent. The Manoel Theater hosts Christmas pantomimes each year. The Malta Toy Museum features dolls, soldiers, train sets and clockwork tin trinkets that date back to the 1790s. It is a must-see. 

While the North Pole has been cited as the official home of Santa Claus since the 1820s, many believe that Rovaniemi, Lapland is the real hub of Christmas. Visitors can make gingerbread cookies with Mrs Claus, enrol in Elf School and even take a calligraphy class to compose the perfect letter for Santa. Ranua Wildlife Park is home to baby polar bears, wolverines and even moose. The Arctic Snow Hotel is an incredible experience for those looking for something different. It is made out of snow and ice, but fear not – it has saunas and hot tubs that will allow you to thaw out!

Where is your favourite place to spend the holidays? Let us know down in the comments!

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