Smells To Remind You Of Christmas

Smells To Remind You Of Christmas

There are a lot of things we associate with Christmas. Twinkling lights, the colour red and turkey are just a few. However, there are many scents that can quickly transport us back to the festive season regardless of the time of year. Here are some smells that remind us all of Christmas. 

Christmas trees have the most distinct smell, and maybe people buy them for this very reason. They’re simultaneously fresh and festive and linger throughout the whole month of December. The pine needles also sprinkle on the ground to allow the scent to grow stronger. Those who have artificial trees even buy candles or air fresheners to place near the tree to replicate the wonderfully festive smell.

Christmas is all about getting cosy and staying warm against the cold weather outside. Because of this, one of of the most distinct smells of the holidays is that of an open fire. It’s woody, smoky and warm all at once, with the cracking sounds adding to the ambience. Nothing compares to breathing in the warm, comforting smell of the fire while heating up your bones. 

Many festive foods and drinks all contain a very particular flavour. Some love it, some hate it, but there is no denying that cinnamon has a festive smell. It tastes warm without being spicy and is the perfect ingredient for almost anything if you want to make it festive. Mulled wine, desserts or eggnog are to name but a few. 

Oranges and cloves is a wonderful Christmas combination. It’s both fruity and spicy with a festive scent. It has a strong aroma and can freshen up anything or anywhere. Again, adding it to mulled wine among festive food and drink will give it a distinct flavour that is a staple for the holidays. 

A warm drink can help you heat up after being out in the cold, and what is a better option than hot chocolate? This drink is delicious but smells divine too. Even if you don’t like the taste of the rich beverage, filling your nose with the scent is irresistible. Honestly, try it if you don’t believe us. 

While it hasn’t got the strongest smell on this list, the scent of snow is incredibly festive. It’s cold and fresh, but once you’re wrapped up in a hat and scarf you won’t mind it. The sound of the snow crunching beneath you as you walk matched with pointed your head to the sky and inhaling the air is one of the best sensations ever. 

Regardless of your dessert of preference, Christmas cake and puddings have a delicious scent. They’re spicy, fruity and festive. Even if you can’t eat more than a slice, the smell of the darkly sweet, brandy-tinged cake in your hands will send a warm feeling through your body. 

What festive scents do you love? Let us know down in the comments!

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