What Irish Christmas Ad Is The Best?

What Irish Christmas Ad Is The Best?

TV is great around the holidays, as many people will be inside watching it. There will be great films on, festive TV specials and even specific adverts. Christmas ads return every year and they have the magic to keep us fascinated for their duration. No matter how many times you will have seen it, these advertisements have the power to draw you to look at the television screen, even just for 30 seconds. Whether you’re home or abroad for the holidays, Irish Christmas ads will make you feel all warm inside. Here are some of the best. 

Starting with the most recent, the 2020 Woodies DIY Christmas ad was a breath of fresh air. We meet Mrs Higgins, an elderly woman with a little dog and a stiff gate. Throughout the advert, she greets her neighbours as she goes about her day. Towards the end, we see a young man gather his tools before fixing the dodgy gate. Mrs Higgins comes home and to her amazement, it opens up easily. At the very end, the young man says, “Happy Christmas, Mrs Higgins.” Watch it here

Another one from 2020 is the Supervalu advert. In it, we see a young boy constantly asking, “Is he definitely coming?” The ad is Covid-conscious, with a news report in the background as the ad opens. We see the family prepare for the Christmas through decorating, shopping, writing letters and baking. On Christmas Eve, the young boy sets up mince pies and milk for Santa, before going to bed saying “Please, please please”. Sure enough, on December 25th, the boy’s wishes came through, as his grandad has come for Christmas. This ad hit close to home for many people after the bizarre year we had. 

The Vodafone Christmas ad from 2015 was wonderful when it first aired, but for the families who had to spend the holidays apart this year because of Covid-19 restrictions and living abroad, it gave it became even more sentimental. We see a young girl writing her Santa letter at the start. It follows her through the build-up of the holidays and finally, on Christmas Day, she runs downstairs. She’s disappointed at first, but this changes when a car pulls up outside. A young man comes in with his bags as the girl runs up and hugs him. Turns out, all she wanted for Christmas was her big brother home. Check it out here.  

Throwing it back to the 1990s, the Penneys Christmas ad is the epitome of jolly. Santa’s workshop is busy preparing for December 25th, with elves bouncing around from task to task. The scene is wonderfully festive, but it’s the music that made this ad so iconic. “Penneys, got a whole lot of things for Christmas” is sung by a choir, but we guarantee you’ll be singing it all day after listening to it here

Finally, this ESB ad from the 1980s captures the feeling of living abroad in a way that is still relatable today. We see the long journey across the country for a young Alan Hughes. At home, his mammy prepares the house, making a bed up and also turning an electric blanket on for him. The two embrace as the car pulls up and we all know that feeling of being home for Christmas. Watch it here.

What ad do you think is the best?

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